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Small Grains Breeding & Genetics Program

VA Tech Barley Breeding Program

Overall Objectives:
To develop, evaluate, and relea
se adapted soft red winter and/or specialty wheat and hulled and hulless barley varieties with high yield, desirable quality, and resistance to prevalent pests.

Fusarium Head Blight Risk Assessment Tool



Wheat Applied Genomics & Potential New Wheat Cultivars, USDA-ARS CSREES



Barley Applied Genomics & Potential New Barley Cultivars, USDA-ARS CSREES


Marker Assisted Selection for Improved FHB Resistance in Adapted SRW Wheat Backgrounds, USDA-ARS USWBSI and Virginia Small Grains Board


Development  of Specialty Wheat and Barley Varieties with High-Value End-Use Quality Traits, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services